Custom Designed Building Plans

Parker Buildings creates custom designed post frame building plans and kits for building pole barns, out buildings, barns, shops, garages, arenas, RV storage, warehouses, mini storage buildings and accessory buildings based on your individual needs.

Let us know how we can help you with your building project!

Why Post Frame Building?

We construct many different types of buildings, Agricultural, Commercial, Residential, Warehouses,etc. Through questions we ask and our years of experience in the Post Frame business, we will be able to provide you with the expert information you need for your project.

The reason so many people are choosing Post Frame Buildings is because they are an economical alternative to the conventional type of construction. This alternative is allowing our customers to build their dream building and, in most cases, allowing them to have a larger building than they thought they could afford.

About Parker Buildings

Parker Buildings, Inc. was established in 1982 to provide cost efficient and quality post frame buildings to the local communities. Later, we expanded beyond the local communities to surrounding counties. We now proudly serve the Pacific Northwest and the western half of the United States.

Parker Buildings, Inc. can provide a standard building or we can custom design your building project. We can provide materials only, or construction, or act as a General Contractor for the entire project.


Parker Buildings, Inc. provides different ways for you to obtain a building. One way is for us to build the structure. Another way is for us to draw the plans and provide the materials for you to build yourself. We provide hundreds of buildings for the do-it-yourself market every year. Our support after the delivery of the material is excellent. It excels in the areas of answering questions regarding how to, replacement of damaged material, making sure you receive your material, and just being there for you.

At Parker Buildings, Inc. we strive to establish trust through personal service and commitment to the individual client.

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