Antonio Carraro TRH 9500

Antonio Carraro TRH 9500: Super tractor for steep and uneven ground! 2017, low profile, 30 hours, reversing drive station, 87 HP Yanmar diesel, hydrostatic, 4 speed ranges, 0-27 mph, quick connect loader with grapple bucket, $68,700. Salem, OR. 541-994-6767

Antonio Carraro TRH 9500 Capital Press antonio-carraro-trh-9500 Antonio Carraro TRH 9500 Tractor: --2017, --low profile, --30 hours, --reversing drive station, --87 HP Yanmar diesel, --hydrostatic, 4 speed ranges, 0-27 mph, --quick connect loader with grapple bu Tractors Tractors tractor tractors farm equipment equipment hay equipment Salem OR ,


Phone Number5419946767