“20179 Main St., St. Paul, OR 97137 G Mon-Fri 8am-5pm; Sat 8am-2pmTier 4 Final Engine requirements will take effect for any relevant equipment produced after January 1st, 2019.This will add significant expense to the price of a Booster Machine.Contact us now if youGre thinking about replacing or purchasing any new Booster before G (503) G (503) 633-1111NEW TRAVELERS:G 4GID X 1400ft w/JD4045 engine and Cornell 3RB pumpG 4GID x 1400ft w/8hp Honda Engine DriveG 3.7GID x 1100ft w/8hp Honda Engine DriveG 3.7GID x 700ft w/5.5hp Honda Engine DriveG 3GID x 1100ft w/5.5hp Honda Engine DriveUSED EHCO3.7G x 1000G $12,500

ERNST IRRIGATION Capital Press ERNST IRRIGATION Equipment Irrigation Equipment

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